The Spirograph designs below are from a computer algorithm that calculates the hypotrochoid patterns for the 18 wheels and 2 rings in a standard Spirograph set. The algorithm generates Spirograph designs in an endless sequence by selecting different starting parameters for each new design iteration.

In principle, these designs may be reproduced on paper with a Spirograph set. But in practice, the Spirograph cannot produce the fine detail needed for these designs, especially at pattern center. One example is shown at far bottom.


This video shows how the designs are produced – pass by pass. Choose full screen!



Spirograph Designs



This center detail is difficult to achieve on paper at small size.screen-shot-2018-01-14-at-4-43-23-pm.png


Drawn with a Spirograph following the design above, but center detail is missing.IMG_5629


The Spirograph drawing again (lower left) and the 1st try with my drawing machine. FullSizeRender-1